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5 Yoga Exercise which Improves Immunity

The world these days is in the clinch of the devastating disease COVID-19 or coronavirus. As there is no authentic vaccination to stop the infection, we must stay alert to fight against the virus. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has already declared that nothing but good health and a strong immunity system help us to prevent the devastating effect of COVID-19. While practicing good health one must not forget the amount of physical exercise that is one of the parts of boosting immunity power, and Yoga is one of them.

Why is practicing Yoga important?

Practicing Yoga is one of the natural processes of upliftment of having a healthy lifestyle. With a healthy lifestyle, you can control things at your level. Make sure not to stay idle amidst the lockdown, as staying back lazy can make you dull and prone to diseases. Remember, for an improved immunity level you need to have good food along with healthy habits which include physical activities. According to a recent report by the top nutritionists, and celebrity dietitians, yoga has a miraculous effect on the human body. Well, the yoga that makes you healthy and active is quite different from the yoga practices by Ramdev Baba. These are the different types and poses of yoga that are effective to cure certain diseases. Now, we need to know the yoga that makeup boosted.

What is yoga?

Yoga is an age-old practice to make the human body strong at physical and mental grounds. Yoga has been used to keep our body fine and functioning. Countless benefits can be reaped out if you include Yoga into your daily routine. They work as a stress reliever and provide mental wellness.

Yoga is a technique that recharges our body and mind while practicing properly. It helps us reduce toxins, negative energies. Also, yoga helps keep our organs clean and active. Some yoga positions balance our body from outside and boost our immunity system within. To fight against the oxidative stress that poses a risk to our health cells yoga is very much important. Regular practice of Yoga can reduce our stress, cut down our inflammation and degeneration. Properly practiced Yoga offers many health benefits. Nothing supports your wellness and mental peace as good as yoga does.

5 poses that can help you to stay immune –

  1. Pranayama

Pranayama Yoga
Image Credit: MmeEmil

Pranayama is one of the basic yoga poses that are the most simple and leave a deep effect on our bodies. The simple and effective poses of pranayama help increase our digestive and immunity power. Pranayama and Sukhasana, both endorse deep breathing that stimulates our stress hormones, smoothen the heart and other vital organs like lungs, liver, and control our nervous system.

How to perform it:

  • Sit in a comfortable position, leg crossed or kneeling on the floor.
  • Put our shoulder over hips and head elevated over your shoulder. Extend your body.
  • Breathe in and breathe out by stretching the spine.
  • Do it at least 10 times in one go.
  1. Matsayana (fish pose)

Matsayana Pose
Image Credit: Yuttana Jaowattana

It is an immunity strengthening pose. Matsayana or the fish pose is a prominent pose that detoxifies our body and increases energy levels. Also, it can open up the nasal passageways and relieve congestion. This usually works excellent if someone is feeling under the weather.

How to perform:

  • You can start from the lotus position. Start by elevating your head and slowly, raise your chest.
  • Make sure to relax your chest. Shoulders should be kept easy and arms wide open.
  • Palms facing up extend your legs straight down.
  • Stay in this position for 2-3 minutes for maximum benefits.
  1. Viparita Karani (Legs up the wall)

Viparita Karani
Image Credit: fizkes

The name itself suggests the meaning of this yoga. Viparita karani is commonly known as the ‘legs up the wall’. This pose helps you to invert and distress. It also enhances your nerve connections, develops blood flow and revivals your body. It is also effective for those suffering from reproductive and fertility problems.

How to perform it:

  • Lay down on a yoga mat or a thick blanket on the ground. Now sit down, turning your side towards the wall.
  • Swing your legs slowly against the wall by moving hips a little. Do not force it to do it if you feel uncomfortable. Do not attend to do it at once if you are a beginner.
  • After getting into the right position, ensure yourself that you do not put a lot of stress on your lower back and hamstring muscles.
  • Now, elevate your back muscle holding the position. Rest your head in a comfortable position. The slight elevation will boost your blood circulation.
  • Hold the position for 5 to 15 minutes, according to your capability. It may take a little time to get used to it. slowly go back to normal position.
  1. Uttanasana (Forward Bend)

Uttanasana Yoga Pose
Image Credit: fizkes

This is one of the easiest stress relief asanas that are basic in yoga. However, the best effect of it can be seen in 15 days. This Yoga provides relief to congestion and protects your mucus membranes and sinuses. This is a pose that requires you to submit to the floor and bend it over. It is the easiest way to sustain your immunity power.

How to perform it:

  • Try to stretch your feet to hip-distance apart from standing position.
  • Fold your body as much as you can do on to your knees. Relax your hips.
  • Do it gently. Once you reach the right position, rest your hands on the ground.
  • For beginners, you can place your hands on your ankles or thighs. Hold the position at least for 5 to 10 breaths.
  1. Sit and Stretch (Squatting)

Sit on the floor. Stretch your legs straight in front of your feet hips wide apart. Stretch your fingers towards your toe and start bending the upper part of your body without bending the knees. Start measurement from the heel. This yoga posture improves the body’s flexibility and relaxes muscles.

As the world fights with the Pandemic, we can only wish to help you stay safe and boost your immunity level as you stay back home and win over this drastic situation.

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