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 7 Healthy Habits Which You Should Definitely Practice Now

Spending time in quarantine can be challenging and can make you curvy. Since the hard work has been evicted completely out of your routine, weight gain will definitely take the place. Today we have brought 7 healthy habits tips which you should implement definitely right now.

Self-assessing is the first step to gathering insights about ourselves. To keep our mental and physical well-being in check during these trying times, one must start with a daily walk either on the terrace or within the closed rooms. Too much optimism like, ‘it’s nothing, it shall pass’ or ‘it won’t happen to me because of my strong built-up’ is not the response you should be giving yourself against comments of weighing heavier with each passing day.

At the same time, be mindful about the rise in the daily numbers of people infected by the Coronavirus and not get overwhelmed with stress and anxiety which may lead to other health problems.

Stress is subjective. No two people react to stress the same way. Some get anxious, some get aggressive, while some face trouble sleeping at night. It is unavoidable and inevitable. Since all of us are under self-observation, it becomes our prime responsibility to retain our fitness.

What exercising is to our body, food is to our mind. Our mind is the control center and a lot of it is determined by what we eat and how we feel after eating. Our heart beats 24 hours a day and seven days a week with the help of our brain, which requires fuel to function at regular intervals. What’s important is how your body reacts to the food you put inside it. What you consume affects your mind, and alters your mood.

At the time when much of the world is on lockdown, workplaces are deserted, gyms are shut, and Doctors are queued up, our best bet is to enrich our brain with better nutrition to reduce the risk of gaining weight and contracting the virus. Now, more than ever is our chance to make changes in our lives that’d last for a longer time.

Of all the ways to look at this lockdown, a smarter way to approach is to develop healthier eating habits and shed the extra pounds you entered the year 2020 promising yourself with. It is understood that cutting down on sugar, fat, and carbs is no child’s play and it takes months in developing healthy food choices.

7 Healthy Habits which you should definitely practice now:

  • Avoid eating after 07 pm

Experts believe that eating before 07 has something to with losing weight, and it is believed that if you train your body to break the dinner pattern and move into a new habit of eating as early as 07 pm, the fat burns quickly as opposed to eating late at night which could have negative metabolic effects and contribute to weight gain.

When you finish your dinner before 07 pm, your body utilizes the food better and involuntarily fasts for a longer duration to finally reach a state where it is burning fat to produce energy.

Our metabolism functions differently in the day than in the night time.

  • Try to cut down on sugar

If you didn’t have a routine before the lockdown, it is very much possible that you will not have one during it. If all you ate was cookies and doughnuts for food and raided the fridge every time you thought of quickly eating something in the middle of the night out of boredom, then you might want to reconsider and start working on your serotonin levels that are associated with comfort or stress eating.

Focus on planning your meals along with other activities you have lined up for the day. Decide a time to have a meal and adhere to it so that your body gets accustomed to the new pattern.

  • Go green

Eating well and on time is directly associated with our psychological well-being. Green vegetables like spinach, broccoli, beetroot contain vitamin B which is essential to keep our serotonin level balanced

Eat as much and as many vegetables you can in a day in no particular order. Once you are filled with essentials that your body needs, it won’t demand foraging for food in the fridge late in the night.

  • Avoid Stress at all cost

It will be foolish of us to not expect stress eating especially when we have no clue how long the self-preservation might last. No matter how stringent your diet plan is, there are chances you might not be able to channelize your thoughts and give in to that one weak moment and start emotional eating. Which is fine as long as you don’t cave in. Binge eating is often due to the restrictions we put on ourselves and if we let loose once in a while, that’s fine too as long as the focus is still on the end goal of leading a healthy lifestyle.

We would recommend not only avoiding stress during staying home, It should be included in your daily routine healthy habits as well.

  • Avoid junk food or processed food

Since fast food is associated with respiratory problems, it is advisable to avoid or keep the consumption to bear minimum at least till the time it eases out.

In any case, lockdown or no lockdown, Junk food does not do any good to our body. It kills your appetite and contains fat which, in the long run not only affects your immune system but becomes the main cause of weight gain.

  • Add legumes in your diet

It is not only economical but easy to cook and rich in antioxidants that boost our immune system. Simply adding seeds to salads or consuming them raw does to your health that no other food does.

Pulses contain protein and fiber that ensure fullness and reduces the intake of food.

  • Be friends with Mushrooms

Mushrooms are a great side dish enriched with Vitamin D which is good for bones, helps improve the immune system and fights respiratory diseases.


As a society, we are spending more time than necessary on our phones, laptops or Ipads either bingeing or drilling aimlessly through social media apps just to suppress our boredom at the time of lockdown. The increased screen time and too much information about the ongoings of the world have become the cause of anxiety and stress. All of this has pushed your mechanism of eating food, which should be corrected if you wish to come out healthy after the lockdown period, try these healthy habits and share your feedback with us.


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