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What makes an Aarogya Setu App Confined to beat COVID-19?

Aarogya setu app is a mobile application developed by the National Informatics Centre, ministry of electronics and IT as per the guidance of Indian government to help and update the Indian citizens in the apocalypse of COVID-19 pandemic about sudden actions taken by the government during the distress and how to eliminate the risks of contracting the disease by public co-operation.

The application has crossed 75 million downloads, as the recent survey says, including all the platforms (Play store and iOS) in which it is accessible and available to get downloaded. It is the updated version of an older application developed and launched by the same ministry as per the instructions of the Indian government called “Corona Kavach”. Many countries have followed the legacy of the success of the app and introduced similar apps in the respective countries.

Aarogya Setu App – Intention and usage

The app is designed with the technological creativity of the best app developers of the Ministry of Electronics and IT. If a person might cross the path of a Corona positive person, the app could track and inform the person the second of their interaction. Tracking is done through Bluetooth and GPS location access social graph, which is sensitive enough to catch and inform the interaction between a healthy and a Corona affected person under the distance of six-feet.

This feature of the application is testimonial and the reason why the app has succeeded in the starting phase of its launch.  

Another beneficial usage of the app is, it could let people check themselves through its ‘self-testing’ tool. The user has to answer some of the questions related to the symptoms of COVID-19. If the symptoms match with the COVID symptoms, the information about the particular person’s test is sent to a government server so that the government could take necessary steps timely, including initiating the isolation procedure for the particular patient.

The app also provides instructions in coping up with the current financial crisis and be emotionally motivated throughout the long fight against this catastrophe. 

People might be worried about their privacy. The application makes you enter some of your details, including contact number which not everyone would like to share and be concerned about it in any of the social platforms. The app has brought this realization that the personal information of the users is publicly inaccessible to the other users or any third party; the government is only eligible to access the data for analysis.

Acquisition of the functioning of the app

Acquisition, in simple terms the learning of the functioning of the app is devoid of any complexity, considering that a large number of audiences could get ease in using the application. The content of the app is available in 11 major languages of India. Users can opt for anyone of the languages for its overall functioning.

Consider the following steps to use the app

Step 1.

After downloading the app, the app asks your permission for the access of your device location, Bluetooth connectivity and contact information; allow it to access as prompted. 

Step 2.

Verify your account with the OTP received. You will get an OTP on the contact number you have given as your contact information.  

Step 3.

Fill and choose the options as directed, including name, age, gender, and profession.

Step 4.

In this step, you will need to provide any foreign travel history in the past 30 days.

Step 5.

The last step asks your perspective of volunteering in the needy time. As per the answer, a short about 20-second assessment test starts.

Need for the app:

The app provides a platform for the Indian citizens across India for a co-operation to fight against this pandemic by educating the people about its overall symptoms and the ways for its protection. By accessing the location of your mobile phone, the app alerts the user if he crossed a Corona positive patient.

When people feel anxious and afraid to get themselves a checkup or a Corona test in a clinic or a hospital, with its ‘self-testing’ tool, it allows the citizens to check themselves without consulting or appointing a personalized doctor.

This app is a technological revolution for public welfare amidst Corona pandemic.

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