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Coronavirus a Time Bomb!

5 years ago Bill Gates shared something with us. That was “In the coming years the greatest risk of global catastrophe is a virus outbreak, it will a highly infectious virus rather than a war”, and it seems to be true now. Yes, I am talking about COVID-19 which is also known as a novel-corona virus. It is like a time bomb on which the globe is sitting on.

According to the present data this virus has infected 210 Countries and Territories around the world. There is a total of 1,605,345 confirmed cases of the coronavirus that has originated from Wuhan, China. This virus has caused around 95,753 deaths till 10th April 2020.

First of all, let us know what exactly the Corona Virus is?

It is a family of viruses. It can cause a range of illnesses in humans that include the common cold and more severe forms like SARS and MERS. This virus is life-threatening. You will be surprised to know that virus is named after its shape. Its shape takes the form of a crown with protrusions around it. Because of this reason, it is known as coronavirus.

How did this outbreak occur?

It is believed that the COVID-19 outbreak has occurred in a market for illegal wildlife in the central Chinese city of Wuhan.

It has shaken the superpowers of this world, which includes the USA. And you know what is sad about this? Nobody can do anything.

This pandemic disease is a threat to people’s health and the world’s economy. Nobody has imagined this day. Several people are dying every day and the worst part is there is no vaccination for this. We are fight fighting without any weapons.

The world seems stopped. It is impacting our metal h health, physical health, and the world’s economy in a bad way. Not only the people who have this disease are suffering, but we all are also suffering along with them.

However, some specific problems may exacerbate the crisis. The government and religions are playing a significant part in the lives of many citizens.

Social distancing is compulsory, public places are closed, businesses are going down, people are getting unemployed and several factors which we have experienced as this outbreak is reaching the nook and corners of varied countries.

This virus has caused an economic crisis as much as a medical calamity. 

How has COVID-19 affected the economy?

Because of quarantine, the supply chain has broken and a sharp reduction in tourism and business travel has seen. It is weakening the global economy and causing a recession.

The novel virus keeps us bounded in our homes. This situation can be for a few more months. It has changed our relationship with the government, the outside world and with each other. This is not enough we will see some changes in the coming months or years. But the question is “Will all the countries stay closed”? Is this going to touch all-time taboo forever? Will people scare to go out in social places even shortly?

What steps have been taken to stop coronavirus spread?

Governments are implementing the lockdown during this virus outbreak. However, it can be said that it is too late. Coronavirus has spread in almost every continent now (except Antarctica).

This crisis will also bring the present opportunity of more sophisticated and flexible use of technology. We don’t know what exactly is coming, but the society, the government, the healthcare, the economy, our lifestyles will change.

Because of this, we all know now that touching things, being with other people and breathing the air at an enclosed space can be risky for health. It will never vanish completely for anybody’s mind now that has lived through this year.

Is lockdown the only savior?

Countries, like the United Kingdom and India, ordered lockdowns. Because keeping the present situations in the mind it is the only possible way of saving our nations. Social distancing can save us all.

What risks does the world face in the medium term with CoronaVirus?

  • Population Density: 

This virus is affecting the country’s population densities. It includes the rural areas where it sometimes exceeds 1,000 people per square kilometer. Humans are the best resource and the wealth of every country. And corona-virus is hitting that only. No matter how technologically strong any country is. Everybody is getting failed in front of COVID-19. The number of positive cases and deaths are increasing day by day.

  • Hygiene issues 

People are also going through hygiene issues. This virus spread because of contact and touch, so it is very important to keep yourself clean. But in so many countries people lack this and getting infected.

  • Broken systems

With the developed and advanced technology, the world is struggling to cope and with significant economic activities and crucial transport routes shut down. This “inclusive” approach is going to be difficult.

Here is some data that will scare you (Till 10th April 2020)

  • Started from China
  • Number of countries affected: 210
  • Total number of cases in the world: 1,605,790
  • Total number of deaths in the world: 95,766
  • Active cases – 1,153,021

What next?

This COVID-19 epidemic has still not reached its peak (From a medical point of view). It is predicted and sure that still, many more cases are to come. We have to go through this all for some more days, or maybe for months. Furthermore from the economic point of view, the full picture of the epidemic’s consequences is not foreseeable yet. We don’t know how many more people are gonna die? How many more days we need to be at home?

Social gatherings are being affected by the epidemic. It is impacting related supply or production disruptions. Some people are dying because of COVID-19 and some are dying because of its consequences.

Yes, this is very true. Not everybody in this world is rich. People have lost their jobs; they don’t have money for survival. They can’t get out of their homes.

The student is not able to go to their schools, the business has been stopped, some businesses are even got shut.

Medical staff is also doing a lot for us in every country and they are suffering a lot as well. So many doctors have lost their lives while saving people’s lives.

It is a matter of very big concern.

Conclusion: Conclusion of all the discussion is that right now nothing can be said about anything. The whole world is going through a hard time, we are losing our people. It’s like a war that most of the countries are fighting with. In short, Corona-virus is like a time bomb on which the whole world is sitting on.

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