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Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19): All you need to know

The current scenario of our planet is endangered. It is all because of the virus which is been the most said, chanted, repeated in our lives for now. Yes, it is about the coronavirus, another name for which is COVID -19. The virus is as infectious as it can be spread by carrier in minimal time. Lots of researches are going on for coming to a conclusion, how this virus can be destroyed. Till now there is no evidence found on it. Well, we have been successful in making devices to detect this deadly virus. People are also getting cured as long as the traces of the virus are not seen in the affected body with no special treatment.

Origin:  It has first emerged in the city of Wuhan, China last year and since has caused a large scale COVID -19 epidemic and now has spread over 70 other countries.

What are the signs and symptoms?

  • The most common symptoms of COVID -19 are fever, tiredness and dry cough. Some patients may experience aches and pains along with nasal congestion, runny nose, sore throat or diarrhea.
  • It is been found most of the people, even after getting affected doesn’t show any sign of feeling unwell. They get well, even without taking any special treatment.
  • One of the specific sign of getting corona affected has caused breathing problems in suspected ones.
  • Also, older people are most rigorously getting affected by the virus as it is found in they have low immunity and have other diseases as well. For e.g. blood pressure, diabetic patients are more likely to get affected.
  • That doesn’t mean it has anything to do with age. Even a normal teenager or an adult can be affected by the virus.
Coronavirus Map View - March 2020

How does the virus spread?

If a person is a coronavirus carrier than it can affect another person as well.  It is spread through the droplets produced by the affected person by coughing, sneezing, etc. as the droplet can reach out to other person as well. Not only by direct contact, but it can also spread through objects which are been touched by the coronavirus carrier.  It generally happens because we have tendency of touching are face more often, if we inhale those droplets so we are likely to get affected by the same. This is the reason why social distancing has come into the picture.

 What should be done to prevent this outbreak?

Though, it is somewhat tough time for us, like our lives are getting affected by not moving out of the house. But it is essential; we must follow the guidelines which are issued by the government, it is rightly said precaution is better than cure so why not if it simply demands us to stay at home and nothing more complex. Social distancing is one of the key factors for controlling the condition which is been rightly taken by the government.

Other precautions which are mandate:

  • Clean your hands with an alcohol-based solution (sanitizers), or simply wash your hands with soap and water. It is necessary to kill the bacteria or any virus which may present on hands.
  • Maintain at least 1metere distance from a person who has cold.
  • Avoid touching nose, and mouth .rate of contamination becomes high by doing so.
  • Good respiratory hygiene is the need of the hour. Protect yourself and others if you have cough and cold by putting a mask or a tissue while sneezing.
  • Make sure to stay at home, if necessary to go out put a mask, and that too should be wore by sanitizing hands and then after one time use it should be discarded in a covered bin.
  • If you have are affected by cold or any other disease try to contact local authorities which gives you treatment by coming at your home.
  • Take special care of infants, elderly people and person who have tendency to catch cold, have breathing problems etc.

If you been to the place where COVID -19 is been spreading (past 14 days) then following things needs to consider:

  • Follow the above guidelines.
  • Self-isolate by staying home, if you feel being unwell, wear a mask to avoid infecting others.
  • Seek medical advice as early as possible. Tell about the scenario to health care providers. 

Myths about CoronaVirus –

We have witnessed that every now and then we are getting introduced with a factor related to corona, what is true we must know it, so following are the things with their justified statement according to W.H.O.:

Myth 1: Cold weather and snow cannot kill the coronavirus.

  • It is a pointless fact as normal human body temperature is between 36.5-37 degrees which has nothing to do with external temperature.

Myth 2:  coronavirus can be transmitted in hot and humid climates.

  • It can transmit to all areas. It can be active in hot and humid places as well.  Wash your hands and use sanitizers to eliminate the virus as a protective measure.

Myth 3:  Eating garlic can prevent coronavirus.

  • Garlic is undoubtedly rich in antimicrobial properties. However, there is no such evidence found yet that people are getting well by taking garlic.

Myth 4: Vaccines against pneumonia protects from coronavirus.

  • It is a wrong statement. Pneumonia vaccines are not effective on coronavirus. It needs it own vaccine as it is different from pneumonia and influenza. Researchers are trying to build against COVID -19.

Myth 5: Spraying alcohol or chlorine all over the body can kill coronavirus.

  • No, it is not true. The viruses which are already been entered into the body cannot be killed. Rather spraying these substances can be harmful to the clothes and mucous membrane.

Like mentioned there are more upcoming myths that should not be believed. One should only follow which is recommended by health care providers as well as the guidelines which are issued by the government to us.

 We should not believe in random things as people may send treatments for corona. There is no such thing that has been discovered yet. One thing we should focus on is what our government is taking actions we should strictly follow them and stick on it. Rumors are not to be believed.  Sources of information should be strong and reliable, WHO (world health organization) is the main source of information has everything which you would like to know about the corona. As well as every country has come up with a forum or a website this provides detailed information. Do search out for it.

There is nothing to get panic over, we hear in news about the things which been taking in other countries it is horrifying, it happened because the government has failed to take immediate action. Every country is trying their best to overcome this situation.  We witness many people are getting died. But one should look for a positive side of it as well; many people are getting well and are coming back to their normal lives.  We should support our system, and also we should even contribute to the society where things are not accessible. Normal people may not be affected by the condition much but financially weak class would face difficulty in getting the basic needs.  The government is trying to help each of us by proving basic things for survival even distributing things to the poor class who are dependent on daily wages.

We will overcome the situation very soon, just a little patience cooperation is the thing which is needed to control the situation. Nothing lasts forever; soon we will be having a vaccine for COVID -19. Like we eradicated polio, we will surely be successful in eradicating coronavirus. Stay safe, be healthy.



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