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How the World Surrendered to a Deadly Virus

Coronavirus has left the individuals awestruck, as the fundamental purpose behind the flare-up is obscure to date. Not just that, where at first it began with an infection transmitted from poultry ranch advertise in Wuhan has begun influencing animals as well. What’s more, other than that, it additionally has shocked the world. COVID-19 has been proclaimed as a pandemic, and here is the reason every last one of us is so worried about the equivalent.

How it captured the globe

In early December, A fever, which demonstrated manifestation like that of pneumonia was reported in Wuhan. Sources said that all of this started from an illegal meat market where bat’s meat was sold openly. Late December, an unusual kind of fever was developed in patients and was accounted for at the clinic inside China. The country announced its first Death because of this episode named 19-CVOD.

Coronavirus important events timeline –



A demise outside China was accounted for in Taiwan. Clarifying that the infection is a worldwide wellbeing crisis and required prompt consideration from WHO and participation from different pieces of the globe.


Mid – Jan

The total Cases Reported in various states of Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, demonstrating similar side effects. The vast majority of the individuals have made a trip to Wuhan off-late, finishing up the spread of COVID-19 in other south-east nations.


Jan, 26


New Cases of COVID-19 were affirmed in the USA and South Korea.



Jan, 30


India and Phillippines affirmed their first instances of Corona infection.


Jan, 31

UK, Russia, Spain, Sweden joined the spree and announced their first instances of individuals influenced by COVID-19.

Feb, 2

The first instance of the Philippines was left lethal, proclaiming the main passing outside China.

Feb, 5

WHO Declared no successful treatment for Corona, Death cost increments to 497 inside terrain China.

Feb, 7

Dr. Li from China detailed this to the Chinese Government about the malady episode, closing this as irresistible and lethal.

Feb, 13

North Korea called Quarantine, and the total loss of life because of COVID-19 arrived in 1432.


Feb, 14


COVID-19 arrives in Africa, as the primary case from Egypt is accounted for.


Feb, 19

Iran, one of the nations in the Asian area, announced its first demise due to COVID-19.

Feb, 24

Kuwait, Bahrain, Afghanistan detailed their first instance of COVID-19, wherein 17 passings were accounted for by the South Korean government.

Feb, 27

The spread of Corona in Europe goes more grounded as Denmark, Estonia, and Netherland Reported their first cases.


March, 2


Middle East Expansion happens as Corona arrives in Qatar.


March, 7

COVID – 19 Spread has secured 90 nations with a sum of 1,58,000 individuals being contaminated.


Italy Reports 389 passings on this day, the most high casualty at any point recorded in a day.

March, 16


New York Shutdowns for Business tasks.

After this, the situation had worsened, as you may be reading this article the total count of people down with the virus must have become 25 lac. With over 1 lac people dead across the globe, this virus has proved to be a deadly one that cannot be cured at once. By and large, the world is in incredible need of a cure that can put a tap on this destructive COVID-19.

Other than isolating yourselves at home. Where on one hand, medication specialists and analysts can clarify this infection from the Corona family, to which common virus additionally has a place from however, there is another story appended to it wherein theories and expectations have occurred.

According to the book “End of Day,” Slyvia dark-colored anticipated an infection to spread and become a pandemic back in the year 2008. If sources are to accept, the planetary position is additionally discovered answerable for the flare-up and points toward uniting the world battling for a solitary reason.

Get yourself checked on the off chance that you watch the accompanying indications.

  • Respiratory Illness
  • Joint Pains
  • Cold and Cough
  • Fever

Who is in danger?

Senior Citizens and Children are at the most hazard, as they have less invulnerability. You ought to be extra cautious on the off chance that you are a heart patient, or experiencing a lung issue. Individuals with frail resistance can be the conceivable casualty of the Coronavirus.

Another scope of being impacted with Corona

According to the planetary advances, Solar overshadowing which occurred on Jan 10, was the start of the flare-up of this current year, where the downturn will arrive at an unequaled high as Uranus will enter Taurus in the early month of March, explicitly on seventh March.

The last opportunity they two met up, the world saw worldwide life transformation, for example, World war 2 and Cholera Pandemic which slaughtered Lacs of individuals leaving us breathing hard to live once more. Get the job done to say, this time too Coronavirus has demonstrated its effectiveness and has influenced 2 Lac individuals to date other than 6000 passings detailed till date over the world.

The entirety of this has unquestionably affected business, and our everyday lives and is presumably totally set to work upon the economy and may impact aeronautics and administration segments up to an extraordinary degree.

The final disaster can only be calculated after eviction of this disease, but till the time the strategy is not out to make sure to follow –

  • Sanitize
  • Distance
  • And Deodorizing

Pledge for these three and stay corona free. Remember, if you are safe, then your family also remains safe. Ensure following social distancing and get clear of this deadly disease.

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