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All you Want to Know About Hydroxychloroquine

Trump called it the game-changer, while Italy is running pillar to post to obtain this common medicine. Over 65 countries landed up with a request to trade Hydroxychloroquine in their country to cope up with SARS COVID-19. Seems like news bulletin to you? Indeed, it is amongst the top headlines we have seen in the newspaper on the front page for the last two weeks.

All of us knew quinine, a composite medicine sold over the counter to treat malaria. But, What is Hydroxychloroquine? Is it a variant of the same medicine? Or, the Parent Salt? What is it? In the next 3 minutes, you will read about Hydroxychloroquine to the depth.

How did Hydroxychloroquine come into the picture?

The world has been under the impact of COVID-19, for the last 4 months. Irrespective of which part of the globe you are located in, the Coronavirus attack has hampered the outlay of your country too. Experts say there is no treatment, but still people have recovered off this fatal virus infection.

Numerous antidotes have been tested on animals and patients, to bring out the right composition of medicine, which can stop the countdown of deaths. Hydroxychloroquine is the successful outcome of a mega trial done by the FDA, to procure the world from COVID-19. There is no clear indication, which proves that chloroquine is impactive on all the case symptoms.

However, it has cured patients who were either asymptomatic or has a minor indication of being a victim in the hands of the novel coronavirus. As per the research published on the official WHO website, “SOLIDARITY,” an ambitious global trial gave positive results, reducing the symptom of COVID-19. This golden medicine includes.

  • Remdesivir
  • Chloroquine
  • Hydroxychloroquine
  • Azithromycin

Above are the four medicines which have shown some sigh of relief for the medical researchers and the people who have been fighting to procure people out.

Why is India approached for this medicine?

All of you may have read the newspaper and have noticed the clear warning of Sir Donald Trump to India, of retaliation, in case the export of Hydroxychloroquine is restricted. The fact in place is, European countries have stopped Hydroxychloroquine composition medicine way back.

This is because the issue of mosquitoes and diseases like Malaria does not take stand in European countries. On the other hand, India and other Asian countries have used this medicine to cure Malaria patients since the beginning. Due to which, there is always an available stock within the pharmacy market. When WHO came up with its extensive research, the demand for Hydroxychloroquine suddenly swelled up.

Talking about the Republic of India, this anti-malarial drug has been inexpensive and available easily over the counter. The medicine came into existence in the 1930s, after its synthesization in India. Quinine was first perceived as a strong antimalarial specialist many years prior. From that point forward, the advantageous impacts of quinine and its further developed manufactured structures, chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine have been progressively perceived in a bunch of different illnesses notwithstanding intestinal sickness.

As of late, antimalarials were appeared to have different immunomodulatory impacts, and as of now have a setup job in the administration of rheumatic illnesses, for example, foundational lupus erythematosus and rheumatoid joint pain, skin ailments, and in the treatment of ceaseless Q fever. Of late, extra metabolic, cardiovascular, antithrombotic, and antineoplastic impacts of antimalarials have appeared. In this audit, we talk about the known different immunomodulatory instruments of antimalarials and the ebb and flow proof for their gainful impacts in different infections and potential novel applications.

Why it has gained popularity suddenly?

Because it cured patients suffering from COVID-19. Since there seemed no end to the number of deaths happening due to transmission of COVID-19, an effective medicine was for longed. Hydroxychloroquine came into the picture and resolved the trauma, the world has suffered in the last 4 months. This came as a hope, which a patient can look up to. Hydroxychloroquine, medicine is non-toxic, and help cope up with fever symptoms at pace.

How effective and safe is hydroxychloroquine?

The effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine is still under question. The test trials are under process in a large number. The test is conducted on animals and humans so that, a definite result can be obtained.

Where some researchers had fully agreed to the positive impact. On the contrary, the University of Shanghai has raised doubts about the impact of hydroxychloroquine used at par. The data disclosed affirms, their study was done on 30 patients, which brought them on this result.

The Side Effects of hydroxychloroquine –

Since the medicine is under trial, we will only suggest you look into the side-effects it may have. The hydroxychloroquine medicine has been found injurious for your heart’s health and can cause heart failure in case, it is taken in a higher dosage.

What to do at the moment?

We wish, none of you ever becomes a victim in the hands of deadly COVID-19. In case, you do make sure to follow instructions from the medical experts. Secondly, remember, precaution is always better than cure hence maintain the following and stay safe at home.

  1. Social Distancing
  2. Usage of Masks
  3. Washing hands Often
  4. Sanitizing Surroundings often
  5. Not using common items

We assure you, if you maintain the above, you and your family will remain safe and win the fight against CORONA.

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