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Myths and Facts about Coronavirus – Increase Awareness Not Fear

Do you know that misinformation goes at light speed these days on the internet? As a result, they guide us in the wrong way. Sometimes we become so dependent on those social media messages or the WhatsApp forwards that we start violating government rules. Many times it happens that we are engrossed with the face news so deeply that the real facts become a myth to us. Here are some of the important facts about coronavirus.

People, be alert!! This is COVID-19, the most dangerous threat of the year. Don’t fall into the trap.

Here are some real facts about Coronavirus –

  1. It’s not as fatal as people pretend to be

Coronavirus is dangerous because it has no vaccination and has spread widely. Most often it has a high risk to spread individually from one to many. In fact, according to the latest reports, there is 1 in 100 people who have been impacted by coronavirus are dying from it. Of course, a high number of people are affected in COVID-19 and it is tragic. A lot of organizations, websites, and news media are informing about the numbers of affected and the casualties. However, the real fact is more positive. The recovery rates are unbelievably high and satisfactorily. Most people who are suffering from flu and dry cough are not affected by Coronavirus. A lot of people with meddler symptoms recover within a week. On the other hand, some people with no prior symptoms indulge in it.

  1. People from any age group can badly be affected by the virus

Days become difficult for older people and those who are immunocompromised because they are affected by the Coronavirus. Well, it is a half-truth. People with low immunity power are really in danger, but not all older people are attacked. Scientists say that COVID-19 can affect anyone, from any age group. According to WHO (World Health Organization), nearly 38% of the first 500 patients who were hospitalized, were notably from the younger generation. They were between the ages of 20and 54. In another report, 80% of the corona positive people across in the USA are within the age group 18 to 65, whereas 40% of those are between the ages 18 and 40. At the same time, children appear to be corona positive in some cases. Therefore, it has been proven that anyone can get infected with the coronavirus. All of us should take proper precautions to get rid of it.

  1. Do not abundant your pets, they don’t spread COVID-19

There has been no authenticated case for pets or their domestic animals becoming sick due to coronavirus attack. Also, there is no evidence that companions of domestic animals are infected by the virus. Also, no pets are found having the same and common symptoms of the COVID-19. In other reports, the protein receptor of the Coronavirus is not produced in the animal bodies. Still, we recommend you to be alert from each living and non-living things because the body of your furry friend can be used as the inanimate receptor of the virus where the droplet of the virus can stay for a long time.

  1. No flu shot or influenza vaccination can protect

COVID-19 or the novel coronavirus is a new kind of virus that has no prior similarity with any other virus. It requires separate vaccination and medicine. But the unfortunate part is, the vaccination of coronavirus is yet to develop. So, any flu shot may not protect you from COVID-19.

  1. Alcohol does not protect you anyway

Consumption of alcohol can ward off COVID-19″. Yes, you can take it like a joke only. Well, these days’ people believe almost everything that comes on the internet. Some of the Facebook memes become the reality for people and they start believing that consuming alcohol or spaying alcohol on their bodies helps to get rid of the devastating effects of COVID-19. After 31 individual diagnoses, scientists come out to the point that Novel Coronavirus cannot be stopped by having alcohol regularly. On the other hand, too much consumption of alcohol may decrease your immunity power. Among the number of authentic information, there is no proving that drinking alcohol is safe from being a victim of coronavirus. At the same time, there is no evidence saying that drinking alcohol causes coronavirus infection.

  1. No approved at-home-COVID-19 test kits are in the market

FDA has not yet approved any kind of at-home test kit for coronavirus. A lot of companies start marketing about their latest coronavirus test kit. They have no authentication at all. On the other hand, the FDA and WHO ask people to get rid of those kits. Moreover, these types of kits rely on throat or nose swabs, they may show you an incorrect result. The medicine and clinical leaders are measuring the options to find the tests that offer better ease of access with a high level of accuracy and very little turnaround time.

Bottom line:

This is a crucial time for all of us. Do not panic by any fake news. Remember, not everything that comes on the internet is real, Check about myths and facts about coronavirus before creating a panic. The most reliable person can share a lot of myths confidently. Therefore, do not believe anyone unless it comes from any authentic news media or organization.


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