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WHO issued guidelines on Hand Hygiene and Correct Procedure

Washing hands is one of the fundamental habits we have learned as a kid. However, the significance of this has increased after Corona became a deadly disease that is spread through touch. The consequent guidelines of washing hands often have bewildered us with the question “Why”?  With the outbreak of Coronavirus and the man to man, the transmission has enforced WHO to publish guidelines to focus on hand hygiene and wash hands frequently. Not many maladies have figured out the dread and disorder, as the ongoing episode of the Corona Virus has done. The life coming to a sudden end has made all of us aware of the importance of washing hands frequently.

The main reason –

Coronavirus has a history of man to man transmission, that is why WHO has published guidelines, out of which washing hands at regular intervals is the most important. With over 1 lac fatality across the globe, let’s understand the guidelines and other facts related to washing hands frequently.

The Guidelines issued by WHO to protect yourselves during this Pandemic –

Since the researches see there is no advancement on the cure it appears there is no closure or fixes insight, and the most noticeable way to stay protected is as follows:

  • Wash your hands regularly for 20 seconds every 2 hours.
  • Maintaining social distance with pals and people
  • Keeping your surroundings clean
  • Stay back at home, until it’s urgent

Protection tips from coronavirus can be multiple, but the foremost is to wash your hands often. When you wash your hands, you restrain from any impact of germs that can travel via your hands. This can help you to stay safe thoroughly.

When to Wash Hands –

In our regular life apart from the pandemic, we should implement this habit for our better future as well. Taking proper care of hand hygiene is essential for our good health and immunity system as well. Learn some of the key times when you must wash your hands before proceeding –

  • Before and After preparing a meal, lunch or dinner.
  • Before and After eating.
  • Before and After you meet someone who is not feeling well or is suffering from any infection.
  • Before and After your sneeze.
  • After touching and feeding a pet or an animal.
  • After touching garbage.

Keep a pocket friendly Hand Sanitizer, while leaving your home.

The correct procedure of washing your hands is –

  • Get your hands wet (cold or warm water) and apply enough cleanser to get suds on each surface of your hands.
  • Make a few air pockets.
  • Rub your hand’s palm to palm overwhelmingly, at that point with one hand over the highest point of the other to get in the middle of fingers.
  • Switch hands.
  • Interlace fingers, palm to palm to get in the middle of the base of your fingers.
  • Using either your other hand or a bristled brush, clean under your fingernails and around your fingernail skin.
  • Dry your hands well with a hand towel or hand dryer.

Repeat this process every 2 hours, for the safety of your well-being. If you are thinking about the reasons behind counting on handwash, read below:

As per resources when dirty hands become the medium of transmission between germs and our body, then protection is the main key. Consider the case of a person who was working under the medico team back in the republic of China, and became positive to COVID-19 just because he read the same newspaper as his brother who was undergoing quarantine amid Corona. He used the same hands and picked fruit with infected hands. All this gave a wonderful passage through the mouth cavity, and he became “is” to “was” in the next 5 days. Such is the deadliness of this virus.

The casualty is a 38-year-old male who had quite recently come back from a family get-away in Italy. While there is next to no thought about his state or that of his family, the news has sent the nation in a tornado. With individuals sharing the news and their feelings of dread via web-based networking media. This has been done in an attempt to make them aware about shielding themselves.

Let’s understand better about who is in danger and how dangerous is this infection?

All things considered, as per the World Health Organization the infection appears to especially influence those more than 60, and individuals effectively sick or having less immunity. With over 44,000 cases from China alone, the passing rate was multiple times higher in the old contrasted with the moderately aged. Some different investigations were done in China additionally uncovered the equivalent and demonstrated that men are marginally bound to get infected more via this infection than their female counterparts. Albeit much stays noticeable all around about the sickness, one thing appears to be extremely conspicuous on all sites, news channels, websites and another type of media: WASH YOUR HANDS.

For your reference, the World Health Organization (WHO) has issued detailed guidelines which can be read here.

Remember, Our hands are amongst the most used body parts, and the biggest carrier of germs..They can act as easy transmissible vessels to convey the germs that transmit Coronavirus. Hereby we request you to please make a habit of washing your hands often and breaking the chain of COVID-19 transmission. In case conditions do not allow to wash your hands, utilize an alcohol based sanitizer for your hands to disinfect hands at regular intervals.


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